Nostalgic Studio in Eskihisar from FilAgency!

Carrying out important works in the field of social media management, advertising, promotion and agency services in Gebze and owned by Gülseren Parlakoğlu, Fil Agency was admired for its studio opened in Eskihisar.

To the opening of Fil Agency opposite Eskihisar Mosque; Gebze Chamber of Commerce President Nail Çiler, GTO Assembly President Oğuz Şerifalioğlu, KOTSİAD Chairman Erkan Gül, KOTSİAD Gebze Branch President Muhammet Cihad Demirtaş and Board Members, TGF Deputy Secretary General Levent Altun, Ümit Media Board Chairman Nihat Yıldırım, Bukan Group Board of Directors Chairman of the Board Miktad Aydın and Yücel Yılmazel, Chairman of the Board of Efsu Sigorta and Efsu Kindergarten Nazan Çokur, General Manager of Sin College Yavuz Selim Uzun and Kindergarten Manager Semih Angı, Chairman of the Oxabrasive Board of Directors Veysel Tekin Güçlütekin, Gemiboraker Association President Semih Dinçer and many distinguished guests. .


At the opening accompanied by the unique musical feast of the artists welcoming the guests, the flowers, ribbon cutting and cake offered to the guests were appreciated. Gülseren Parlakoğlu, who has made significant progress in Gebze with Fil Agency in a short time and has served many important organizations, aims to achieve greater works with her new studio. GTO President Nail Çiler, who attended the opening, stated that they were pleased with Gülseren Parlakoğu’s taking steps to close a serious gap in Gebze, both as a young woman and as an entrepreneur, and said, “As GTO, we support all our business people and try to stand by them. . However, we are more than happy when young people and our women take innovative, contemporary and successful steps in the field of business. I congratulate Fil Agency and our sister Gülseren for implementing a service that is not available in Gebze, and wish them good luck in their new business.”


Gülseren Parlakoğlu, who lived in Gebze for a long time, carried her business life that started in Istanbul to İzmir and started to work with Fil Agency in Gebze a while ago, said, “Our agency, which we opened in Gebze, attracted great attention from the people of Gebze in a short time. We had to go to Istanbul for professional shootings for our own works. Our studio, which we opened in Eskihisar today, will have solved the problems of both us and Gebze in this area. I would like to thank all our friends, especially our President of the Chamber of Commerce, who did not leave us alone at our opening. On this occasion, I owe a debt of gratitude to all Gebze residents who have trusted and shown interest in Fil Agency from the very first day.”

Source: Gebze Hürses