Great support to PARLAKOĞLU – Sportek

In the first match between Gülseren Parlakoğlu’s team, Fil Agency, and Gebze Birlikspor, the stands were quite colorful. Gebze Chamber of Commerce Council President Oğuz Şerifalioğlu, Gebze Deputy Mayor Mehmet Dinç, IYI Party Provincial Director Özhan Öztürk, IYI Party Gebze Municipality Council Member Kayhan Özler, Gebze Journalists Association President and 24th Committee Chamber of Commerce Council Member Candidate Ahmet Oğuz, TGF Vice President Levent Altun, GEBZESİAD Vice Presidents, Attorney İsmail Korkmaz and Köksal Aydın, did not leave Parlakoğlu alone in his first match.
Having emotional moments due to the attention he received, Parlakoğlu said, “The event organized by my brother Caner Pesen, who is a great asset for Gebze, bears the name of Görkem Çiler, the only son of our President Nail Çiler, who has received the mercy of the Right, and whom he met in the GEBZESİAD Board of Directors and who constantly produces something for our region. It is a great excitement for us to take part in this special organization that has brought the sports community together for 30 years. We have a group of actors with extremely character names. It was unfortunate that our captain was injured in the first match, but I think he will join us in a short time. The score of the match is not important to us at all. It was a great pleasure for us to take part in this special organization and to have the support of our friends behind us. Even though there is less than a week left for the elections, I can’t thank all my brothers, friends and brothers, especially my Oğuz President, who came to support us by taking a break from the election work, I thank you all for your hearts and efforts, I thank you all individually, I am glad to have you. said.

Source: Sportek