Sportsmanship that will go down in football history!

Fil Agency Chairman of the Board Gülseren Parlakoğlu showed an example of sportsmanship that will go down in history by winning the GEBZESİAD Denge Assembly match 4-3 and withdrawing her team, which gained a significant advantage on the way out of the group, from the tournament. Parlakoğlu announced his decision by sharing it on the social media account of the tournament. This behavior, which was appreciated by all participants, was interpreted as sportsmanship that will go down in football history.

Gülseren Parlakoğlu, who is disturbed by the harsh and aggressive football of her own team and stated that the referee of the match should expel at least two players from Fil Agency with a red card, announced her decision to withdraw from the tournament with the following words; “Hello, dear participants of our tournament, my very precious friends, I have made really valuable friends in this tournament, I have accumulated good moments. All my fellow athletes, especially my captain Şahin, who have worked hard for our team… For you, a tournament may be a struggle where everything is revealed to win a football match, but for me, a tournament is more about developing friendships, having fun and enjoying a football match. As the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fil Agency, I did not enjoy it at all in the Denge Assembly match that we played on October 4 and won 4-3. The harshness on the field, the aggressive attitudes, the incompetence of the referee all bothered me. I’m not debating how wrong the opposing team is, how lacking the referee, I, as Fil Agency, are a part of the team that made the audience watch tension, stress, fight and toughness in a tournament organized by my brother Caner Pesen for 30 years, named after the only son of our Nail Çiler President. I wouldn’t want to be. I would like to apologize to all my brothers and sisters whose hearts we hurt, whose hearts we hurt, whose hearts we hurt. As Fil Agency, we are withdrawing from this tournament. As a spectator, I am with you again as a Görkem Çiler Press Tournament activist, I am a part of our tournament, but Fil Agency has withdrawn from the tournament. We see football as an opportunity to have fun, to develop brotherhood and friendships, and we will continue to see it this way. All of you, let your rights be halal”


Source: Sportek